Download a list of items accepted at the 2015 Spring event, on April 26, 2015 by clicking here. Below is a list of items we will collect on April 26, 2015

ACs, Dehumidifiers (working)
Air packing pillows, Bubble wrap
Alkaline Batteries (up to 5lbs)
Aluminum cans
Aseptic containers
Automotive Batteries
BBQ Grills
Bicycles, bike parts
Car Seats (remove metal/pad)
Cell phones
Chain Saws (gas-powered)
Claw tubs
Clothing, Linens
Colored Glass Bottles
Computer Printers, scanners
Copper pipe (reusable)
Crafting supplies
Desktop computers , monitors
Dishes, resellable
Dishwashers (working/repair)
Extension cords
Fans, motors (working)
Fluorescent; CFL light bulbs
Hairdryers & curling irons
Hearing aids
Hot Water Heaters
Laptop Computers
Large appliances (not working)
Lawn Mowers, Edgers (gas-powered)
Light ballast (no PBRs)
Lumber (6 foot length minimum, remove nails)
Magazines, Paper
Media motherboards, parts
Mercury-filled thermostats
Metallic hardware, knobs, hooks
Microwave ovens
Musical instruments
Newspaper, Paper
NiCad, Rechargeable Batteries
Outdoor furniture
Ovens, Stoves (working/repair)
Paper- scrapbkg, gift, party
Plastic #1-#7, unmarked
Plastic shopping bags (clean)
Power tool Batteries
Printer Ink, Toner cartridges
Propane tanks
Radios, small electronics
Reading glasses, spectacles
Refrigerators, freezers
Reusable Bldg Supplies
Screen doors
Sewing supplies; Notions
Sewing fabric, patterns
Shoes, boots (pairs only)
Snow blowers (gas-powered)
Steel, Iron
Styrofoam #6 PS, Expoly EPS
Styrofoam Peanuts
Table saws
Televisions ( 1 per vehicle)
Upholstered furniture (clean, reusable)
Upholstery fabric swatches
VHS Cassettes
Video games, game systems
Wallpaper (full rolls)
Washers, Dryers (working/repair)

Please note - If you are recycling an appliance you may qualify for a rebate from your utility company (TC Light & Power, Cherryland Electric Cooperative.) Representatives from the utilities will be on hand to help but you must bring a copy of your utility bill in order to process your rebate. If you are not sure if you qualify, please check with your utility company.

Items NOT Accepted

Items listed as not accepted will be turned away

NO Tires
NO Fiberglass Insulation
NO Fiberglass
NO Pink/Blue Insulation less than 4' x 4'
NO Oils, Oil Paint, Lubricants
NO Carpet, NO padding
NO Mattresses, NO Box springs
NO more than 1 TV per vehicle
NO Single-pane Windows
No Oil-based or latex paint
NO Household Cleaning Products
NO Household Trash
NO Drywall and construction debris
NO Pesticides, Insecticides
NO Toxic chemicals
NO accepted items that exceed limits stated
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